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Hiking Jämtlandstriangeln in Sweden

14. September 2023

We are two nature lovers who go for many walks but have previously only done day hikes. We felt that the Jämtland triangle, Jämtlandstrianglen, was a perfect hiking destination for our first multi-day trip. You can get a proper hike while staying at the mountain stations, making the journey more comfortable. We travelled together with a couple of friends who have about the same experience as us, and let’s just say this will not be our last multi-day hike!

"Looking back, we are extremely satisfied with our trip to Jämtland, and it has truly opened our eyes to the joys of multi-day hikes."

Preparations before the trip

When we initially booked our trip, we had imagined enjoying sunny, warm days where we could wear hiking shorts and swim in small streams along the way. However, as the trip date approached, the weather apps predicted a temperature of around +10°C and rain. It was not exactly what we had envisioned. We had to come to terms with the fact that the journey would be wetter and potentially more challenging than we had anticipated. 

Before we set off, we tried to read up and find good tips to make the trip go as smoothly as possible. Most suggestions emphasised the importance of waterproof hiking shoes, a relatively light backpack, and plenty of small snacks as rewards.

Day 1: Storulvån to Sylarna

We drove the car to Storulvån, where our hike began. At Storulvån's mountain station, we were greeted with a giant rainbow and had a restful night's sleep before starting the trek. The first day of our hike took us from Storulvån to Sylarna, covering a distance of 16 km. Within just a few kilometres, we found ourselves in the mountains, and the panoramic views were breathtaking. 

Despite the weather apps predicting rain and low temperatures, we were fortunate to have good weather on this day. However, we quickly learned that the weather in the mountains can change rapidly. One moment, it's raining, and we're layering up with a fleece and rain jacket, and the next moment, the sun appears, and we're quickly shedding layers and stowing them back in our backpacks. 

In the middle of the stretch between Storulvån and Sylarna, there was a small cabin, and we took the opportunity to have lunch there as we passed it in the middle of a rain shower. The last kilometres consisted of uphill and rocky terrain. As we continued, we were greeted by the magnificent sight of Sylarna's steep peaks, with a glacier nestled between them. The goal, visible for the last five kilometres, was slowly getting closer. 

Once at the mountain station, it was wonderful to shower, play cards and eat something delicious. Outside the window, a herd of reindeer walked in front of the high peaks.

Day 2: Sylara to Blåhammaren

On the second day, we went from Sylarna to Blåhammaren, a 19 km long hike and the longest stretch of Jämtlandstriangeln. In the morning, the temperature was only +5°C and very humid and wet. Unfortunately, the bad weather persisted throughout the day. The most disheartening aspect of such inclement weather is that visibility worsens, causing us to prioritise moving forward rather than appreciating our surroundings. 

During a brief pause in the rain, we took the opportunity to set up the camp stove and prepare lunch. However, the rain resumed shortly after, causing the temperature to drop rapidly. Fortunately, we had thought ahead and brought four rain ponchos. It turned out to be surprisingly comfortable to eat inside a compact one-person tent, with the sound of raindrops gently tapping against the plastic. 

The section between Blåhammaren and Sylarna involves a gradual uphill climb. While not excessively steep, the last few kilometres could be felt in the legs. Upon reaching Blåhammaren at 1086 meters above sea level, a delightful three-course dinner was served. The food was delicious, and the restaurant provided a cosy atmosphere with lit candles and fellow hikers who had completed the same journey.

Day 3: Blåhammaren to Storulvån

The final day of hiking was the most effortless. We only had to cover a distance of 12 km, and the trail was mostly downhill. The morning began with foggy weather and limited visibility. As we continued, our bodies started to feel a bit tender and tired. However, as we reached a small hill, we were pleasantly surprised to see a group of children and parents engaged in a lively snowball fight. It was an unexpected sight in the middle of July, but it gave us the perfect energy boost we needed. 

Suddenly, the skies cleared, revealing the radiant sun and offering a renewed clarity to the surroundings. Instead of only being able to see 50 meters ahead, the landscape now showcased lush green mountains, towering peaks, and the occasional babbling streams previously only heard in the distance. 

The section between Blåhammaren and Storulvån follows a fast-moving river. We stopped for lunch on a rock in the middle of the rapids, enjoying the stunning view and even taking a short nap in the warm sun. The instant noodles with corn tasted better than ever in that peaceful setting. After three days of hiking, our hips and feet were a bit sore, so sitting in Storulvån's sauna was a truly memorable experience. It was the perfect way to end our journey through the Jämtland triangle.

Food and accommodation

During our trip, we decided to bring our own food and eat some of the meals offered at the stations. We were satisfied with the breakfast options at the mountain stations. For lunch, we cooked our meals along the trail using our camp stove. In the evenings, we used the stations' self-catering kitchen to prepare dinner.Although all mountain stations offered dinner, we opted to cook our own meals to save money. It was also rewarding to cook for ourselves after a long day of hiking. We believe any food would taste good with the added spice of exhaustion. We had heard great things about the three-course dinner at Blåhammaren and didn't want to miss out on that experience.

Our tips for a pleasant hiking trip

Looking back, we are extremely satisfied with our trip to Jämtland, and it has truly opened our eyes to the joys of multi-day hikes. We highly recommend the Jämtland triangle to both experienced and inexperienced hikers because it offers a relatively easy hike in stunning surroundings, with excellent facilities at the mountain stations that make the journey very enjoyable.Our main advice is to ensure everyone eats before they become too tired and hungry, as this helps maintain a good atmosphere and makes the entire trip more pleasant. It is also crucial to have appropriate clothing and footwear, as it makes everything so much easier. We also suggest having a rain cover for your backpack and using plastic bags to keep your clothes dry. It's wonderful to arrive with a clean and dry pack.Lastly, we urge you to remember to enjoy yourself. Even if the weather is unfavourable, remember to lift your head from under your rainy hood and take in the surroundings. You wouldn't want to miss the sight of a herd of reindeer wandering through a valley or a magnificent waterfall.